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Favorite Outfits worn by the Characters

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Favorite Outfits worn by the Characters Empty Favorite Outfits worn by the Characters

Post  DoofFan on Thu Jul 19, 2012 3:05 pm

This place has been so quiet, lately. So, I decided to start a fun new topic. What are your favorite outfits that the PnF characters have worn, besides the basic stuff, they always wear? I'll start with the main five.

-Goth Magic Costume (Sipping with the Enemy)
-Lump Sharkboard (Nerds of a Feather)
-Punk Outfit (The Baljeatles)
-Rap Outfit (Spa Day)
-Hawaiian Shirt (Hawaiian Vacation)
-Bollywood Outfit (Unfair Science Fair)
-X-7 Uniform (My Fair Goalie)

-Detective Outfit (Finding Mary McGuffin)
-Punk Outfit (The Baljeatles)
-Hymie Silverman (Nerds of a Feather)
-Frankenstein's Monster costume (One Good Scare)
-Rap Outfit (Spa Day)
-Tron-like Costume (Nerdy Dancing)
-White Tux (De Plane, De Plane)
-X-7 Uniform (My Fair Goalie)

-Photographer Outfit (The Temple of Juatchadoon)
-President Suit (Rollercoaster: The Musical)
-Doo-Wop dress (Rollercoaster: The Musical)
-The Dangeraffe (The Beak)
-Betty Concert outfit (Ready for the Bettys)
-Wedding Planner Dress (Candace's Big Day)

Dr. Doofenshmirtz
-Karate Outfit (Nerds of a Feather)
-Magician's Assistant (Nerds of a Feather)
-Work-Out Outfit (Candace Disconnected)
-Punk Rock Outfit (Rollercoaster: The Musical)
-Wicked Warlock of the West (Wizard of Odd)
-Suit and Fedora (The Temple of Juatchadoon)
-Lederhosen (Unfair Science Fair)
-Hippie Camper (Skiddley Whiffers)
-Cowboy Outfit (Bubble Boys)
-Mongolian Costume (Doof Dynasty)
-Loincloth (Tri-Stone Area)

-Bear Costume (Skiddley Whiffers)
-Fez (The Temple of Juathadoon)
-Lederhosen (The Doonkelberry Imperative)

I'm sure I got more, but that's all I have for now. I will do Baljeet, Buford, Isabella and the others, some other time. What are your favorite outfits worn by the main five?

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